12 of the Best Beach Sandals for Your Next Vacation

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When you’re headed on your next beach vacay, you want the best beach sandals that are comfortable and supportive but that don’t scream “I’m wearing orthopedic sandals!”

I have genetically flat feet and over pronate when I walk, so when I’m looking for the best beach sandals, I am always keeping an eye out for brands that are able to blend sexiness and comfort. Because I’m young, wild, and free… but also enjoy good, supportive footwear that can keep up with me on the beach.

No matter what preferred fashion aesthetic you have, you deserve to feel good about what’s on your feet. Of course, your ideal pair of sandals will vary depending on the type of beach you’re visiting and the amount of walking you intend to do. With these factors in mind, we’ve narrowed down 12 of the best beach sandals for women to suit a variety of needs. Keep reading because we’re confident you’ll find the best beach sandals to suit your next beach jaunt!

Top Beach Sandals

Crocs Isabella T-Strap

Though the seasonal Crocs craze peaked a few years ago (you might remember them as those plastic clogs with perforated with holes that your grandma gardened in), the company’s new line of fashion-savvy sandals continue to be comfortable and fashionable.

First on our list of the best beach sandals, these comfortable beach sandals can be used both on the land and in the water. They’re a great option if you vacation near any rocky beaches. The jelly wedge sandal, combined with a textured footbed, makes for a maximum-comfort experience. And the sandals are available in eight different colors ranging from black to petal pink, meaning you can find a pair to match any outfit.

Best for: Versatile and comfy wear

Chaco ZX/2 Yampa

The comfortable construction makes these Chaco sandals some of the best beach sandals for walking. The 1″ heel is designed to absorb impacts, which protects both your feet and legs from soreness. Another ideal feature is the adjustable buckle closure; which is especially useful for me since I have pretty thin ankles.

The straps keep them firmly attached to your feet, so you don’t need to worry about losing them in the sand. Finally, the slip-resistance of the sole’s diamond pattern keeps your feet safe in the water or wet sand. Pick up a pair in five different colors, including fiesta, rainbow, and basic black.

Best for: Those looking for additional adventure / exploration

FitFlop Skinny

FitFlop is one of my favorite brands when it comes to footwear in general, as they pay special attention to the biomechanics of the foot and body when designing shoes that look and feel good for your feet! You really can’t go wrong with any of FitFlop’s shoes, which range from sandals to sneakers, but the product we like the best for the beach is the Skinny Fabric Flip-Flop.

These beach sandals are made from fabric and have a synthetic sole. The slightly raised heel fits with current fashion trends while cushioning your overall impact. To reduce slips, the midsole is made from an ergonomic micro-wobble board. There’s a leather lining to the straps, increasing the comfort and expensive feel.

The shoes are available in seven colors, from the denim-resembling French Navy to a creamy white and rich red. Use the adjustable buckle to mold the sandals to your feet for maximum comfort and security. Keep in mind the shoe sizes tend to run a little large, so if these are the best beach sandals are you, then I suggest trying a half-size to one full size smaller than you normally would. Just check the return policy if you decide to try a few sizes.

Best for: Cute and comfort seekers

Teva Capri Universal

Teva is another of my favorite sandal brands, especially when it comes to comfy beach sandals. These comfortable beach sandals are perfect for long walks and slippery surfaces. You can wear them to navigate rocky lake shores and ocean outcroppings. If your vacation is taking you to lighthouses, trails, or any other places that require walking, these beach sandals are your best bet. For lake and state park visits, you can wear these sandals to navigate tourist trails and bike paths. The sporty construction features an adjustable ankle strap, and the cork-wrapped midsole has a comfortable texture. A rubber sole completes the sandals with non-slip properties. Invest in a pair in three colors: chocolate, red, or black.

It should also be mentioned that these multi-functional shoes also look really damn cute. You will have no problem going from walking the beach to stepping into a restaurant when wearing these Teva sandals. Among this list of best beach sandals, these are the ones that I personally find myself wearing the most for things outside of just lounging by the beach and pool.

Best for: Simple and Classic sandal

Plaka Flat Summer Sandals

These cute beach sandals come with a number of ideal features. Their straps evoke the feeling of knotwork and nautical adventures, crafted from soft nylon that protects your feet from blisters. The design works best on women with narrow and medium-sized feet, as the outside straps limit the width. No matter what fashion aesthetic you employ, there’s a pair of palm leaf sandals that suits you. Eighteen different color schemes are available. The colorful straps are offset from the more neutral-toned soles, catching the eye in a fashion-forward style.

Best for: Brightening up any outfit

Blowfish Granola Fisherman

These fashionable beach sandals are great for any waterside activity. The straps are constructed from faux leather, while the faux cork sole provides cushioning and impact resistance. The heel is slightly smaller than some others on this list and more level with the platform, so these are ideal if you need flat sandals. The adjustable closure allows them to fit any-sized foot, while the textile lining is safe to get wet. The  by’re inspired by fishermen, but the design is available in nearly 30 gorgeous colors. I’ve been into nudes for the past few years and their Birch Nude Steel Grey Dyecut color is gorg.

Best for: Warm weather comfort

Tory Burch Miller

These beach slippers are great for women who prefer a funky and brightly-colored look. Different patterns and prints are available, including neon green and yellow, leopard, purple, red, and black. The 0.25-inch platform makes them some of the thinnest sandals on the list, resembling slippers more than heavy-duty shoes. They’re not designed for long walks, but their lightweight leather construction and rubber sole will keep you comfortable while at the beach. Lounge under an umbrella, kick up your feet, and enjoy the day!

Best for: Beach divas

Rainbow Leather Flip Flops

These flip-flop style sandals are made from premier leather, with a narrow strap made of comfortable fabric. Their single-layer midsole is made from closed memory foam, ensuring that your feet are both flat and cushioned. These sandals are a perfect choice for women who experience ankle strain with wedge heels. If you’re watching your carbon footprint, the sandals also feature a patented adhesive made from environmentally-friendly materials and Rainbow also gives back to the community. You can invest in your choice of four different colors: sierra brown, gray, espresso, and black. The neutral colors are guaranteed to match any outfit, and they’re perfect to offset a printed sundress or casual pair of shorts.

Best for: Casual beachgoers

Sanuk Yoga Sling

The unique strap construction of these sandals is designed for maximum comfort and fashion. These beach sandals feature a rubber sole and a footbed crafted from a real yoga mat. The edge of the footbed is sealed to prevent fraying. The biggest selling point is the fabric, which is crafted from a two-way stretch knit and features the comfort of a yoga sling. They’re the most comfortable beach flip-flops for women, as the fabric will stretch to accommodate most foot sizes, and the softness is blister-resistant. Take your pick from seventeen different colors and prints to match your personal style!

Best for: Those seeking yoga-like comfort

Billabong Cross Over

These vegan beach sandals are perfect for anyone living a vegan lifestyle, making it among our list of the best beach sandals. The sole is created from man-made, synthetic materials. Meanwhile, the braided straps are constructed from vegan leather. These slingback sandals have a flat sole that’s ideal for sandy beaches, with straps that cross over and secure your foot. You can buy pairs with six different strap colors, including black, brown, white, and pink. There’s a style to fit any personal aesthetic, and the neutral tones will match nearly any outfit.

Best for: Aspiring beach bums

Reef Sandy Flip Flops

These flip-flop style sandals are hand-designed to allow comfort and versatility. They’re made from synthetic materials that are water-friendly. The triple-density EVA construction cushions your steps, making these sandals great for rocky lake shores and uneven terrain. A huge selling factor is the arch support, which is a feature of all Reef shoes. Because the shoes will mold to fit any arches, you won’t have a break-in period, so these are great to buy just before leaving for vacation. For those who are strapped for time and heading out in a few days, these are, hands-down, going to be the best beach sandals for you!

Best for: Sporty women

Teva Olowahu

The traditional flip-flop design of these Teva sandals is augmented with a pair of additional criss-crossing straps, making this one unique among our best beach sandals list. Teva aims to bring you shoe designs that raise the bar. Every layer of the construction is built with comfort and usability in mind. The straps are made from polyester webbing that won’t scratch or cause blisters, while the EVA-foam soles and outsoles offer lightweight support. The final topsole layer forms to your foot for added cushioning. Try any of the 38 available styles for a beach look you feel great about!

Best for: Those looking for waterproof sandals

Are any of your favorites on our list of the best beach sandals? Be sure to give us a shout out if you think we should add another pair to the list! Email us or comment below and we’d be happy to consider your suggestion!

Are any of your favorites on our list of the best beach sandals? Be sure to give us a shout out if you think we should add another pair to the list! Email us or comment below and we’d be happy to consider your suggestion!