7 Pairs of the Best Women’s Pants for Hot Weather

Best Women’s Pants for Hot Weather
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The unfortunate reality is that all clothes when it comes to hot weather and no matter if you live in the tropics or are just visiting, every woman needs a pair of pants for hot weather.

Seriously, have you ever tried to wear a pair of regular jeans during Arizona’s monsoon season?

But fear not – we’ve helped eliminate some of the guesswork from your packing (or shopping list) and came up with 7 of the best women’s pants for hot weather.

Any one of these will make you wonder where they’ve been your whole life so sit back, relax, and pick out your favorite(s) before summer gets here!

Best Women’s Pants for Hot Weather

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants

There are lots of reasons why yoga pants has become so popular but the biggest is that they offer a lot of comfort no matter what you’re doing.  Couple that with the abundance of styles and colors and it’s obvious why they are at the top of this list.

Furthermore, yoga pants are designed to be breathable so they are perfect in those hot locations when you still want to keep a certain style yet remain cool and comfortable (they were a staple on our trips to China!).

ODODOS Power Flex Pants are all created from a special blend of four-way stretch fabric which is designed to move with your body in any direction. This blend is also perfect to help to remove moisture from your body and to dry quickly so that the material does not become saturated with sweat.

A flatlock stitching is used on all seams that work with the 4 way stretch fabric to create a very comfortable seam that adds style to the pant along with functionality. An outside pocket is stitched into the pants to allow you to carry your phone or a small wallet with your important information to ensure it is kept close to you at all times.

All of the material used is non see-through (remember this debacle?) and comfortable enough to be worn in all types of weather, especially hot and humid. All fabrics are also antimicrobial for that added level of security in mind.

You can choose from many different colors and patterns as well as versions for short and long legs.

What we liked

  • 40 different colors to choose
  • Functional small pocket
  • Choice between a long or short cuff

What we didn’t like

  • Difficulties when fitting plus sizes

The ODODOS yoga pant is a super comfortable and highly versatile pair of pants that not only feel good but also look good. These pants can be used for just about any activity or for just going to the store to get some coffee. There is nothing like style and comfort all wrapped up in a single pair of pants.

Best Overall
ODODOS Women's High Waisted Yoga Leggings with Pocket
$22.98 - $47.98
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06/20/2021 07:11 pm GMT

prAna Women’s Halle Pant

Sometimes adventure just calls out to us, and when it does, we need to be sure we are ready to answer that call and look good doing it. prAna’s Halle Pant is a great pair of adventure pants that are also comfortable in hot weather.

The Halle pant is made from prAna’s own Stretch Zion material which is durable, lightweight and perfect for any rugged adventures you may encounter. The Stretch Zion consists of a 4 way stretch fabric that is not only water repellent but is also quick drying in case you are caught in a situation where water does come into play.

These are a loose fitting pant that is designed to fit snug around your hips and then follow your natural curves to create a nice loose fit yet retain the natural look of a woman.

The lower cuff also comes with straps half down the calf so that you can wear these pants like a pair of capris. You just roll up the lower leg of the pant and then button into place using the buttons and straps that are part of the pants.

These pants also have a lovely button up fly and come with a single hidden zippered thigh pocket for those small items you want to keep out of sight.

What we liked

  • Great style for outdoors
  • Roll up legs
  • Additional thigh pocket

What we didn’t like

  • Waist is a little too low for some
  • Pockets are not as functional as they could be

While adventure is not on the list for everyone, these pants are stylish enough to do it all. A very attractive looking pair of pants that are also comfortable and can be used for activities as well.

Best Work Pants
prAna - Women's Halle Roll-Up, Water-Repellent Stretch Pants for Hiking and Everyday Wear
$66.71 - $115.04
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Spalding Women’s Plus Size Bootleg Pant

Spalding is quite well known for their activewear so of course they will end up on our list of best women’s pants for hot weather.

Spalding uses a cotton blend on these active pants that give enough stretch to fit nicely while still allowing breathability.

Larger plus sizes are available such as 2XL and 3XL and the bootleg cut allows for a looser fit in the lower leg so that you don’t feel as constrained as some other pants.

These pants are designed to sit on the hip and therefore have a lower waist to them.

What we liked

  • Material was soft and comfortable
  • Elastic stretch pant fits contours where needed

What we didn’t like

  • No pocket for phone or other devices
  • Legs come across as more flare leg than boot leg for some
  • Sizing can be inconsistent

Spalding has a lot of different activewear and these are designed to be gym pants over anything else. While there is some shape to these pants, the focus is clearly comfort over style which is great for the gym and basic hot weather fashion.

Spalding Women's Bootleg Yoga Pant
$13.99 - $30.91
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Coastal Blue Women’s Swimwear Beach Pant Cover Up

One doesn’t always think about pants when going to the beach but sometimes it is a good idea to cover up while there and still remain stylish while doing so. Luckily, pants block UV rays and these coverups are perfect for protecting your skin against the sun.

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Coastal Blue’s beach pants are made of 100% Rayon meaning they are very light and perfect for keeping the skin cool on a hot day.

An elastic casing around the waist helps to keep the pants in place, but an additional spaghetti tie with beads and tassel is also included just in case you want something a little tighter.

The material is not see through and so they can we worn when going around town as well as to the beach making the perfect women’s pant when running errands on a super hot day.

What we liked

  • Nice loose fitting pants
  • Rayon keep skin feeling cool
  • Can be worn in just about any casual situation

What we didn’t like

  • Supposed to be hand washed

Coastal Blue makes a great pair of casual pants that are perfect for comfortably lounging around, doing light errands or staying covered while at the beach.

Amazon Brand - Coastal Blue Women's Swimwear Beach Sheer Pant Cover Up
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Coastal Blue Women’s Swimwear Beach Sheer Pant

We have some more hot weather fashion by Coastal Blue but these pants are definitely intended for the beach.

This pair of beach pants is done in a black sheer polyester material that can be seen through but still adds that layer of mystery to your swimwear.

Sheer pants allow for any breeze to pass through making them cool to wear on a very hot day.

Pleats have been added to the front of the pants with a cleanly finished waist while the back of the waist has an elastic casing to keep them tight and in place.

What we liked

  • Just see-through enough to make them beach-ready
  • Keeps things cool on hot days while not being in absolute direct sunlight (a good sunscreen would still be recommended with these pants as they are sheer and will allow UV rays to pass through)

What we didn’t like

  • Straight leg offers no shape
  • No pockets

This is a great pair of pants to have on when relaxing on the beach or by the pool without exposing yourself to direct sunlight. They add a little bit of additional style to your swimsuit or your bikini without covering up everything completely.

Amazon Brand - Coastal Blue Women's Swimwear Beach Sheer Pant Cover Up
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Grooket Women’s Elastic Waist Casual Relaxed Fit Capris

Grooket offers a relaxed fit casual pant that can be used in the hot months of summer or when traveling to warmer climates. They offer 2 style and many colors so there are a lot of options.

These pants are made from a cotton blend that also has spandex in it to give them a good stretch. The cotton is soft and comfortable to wear.

There are two side cut pockets that are a decent size but don’t zip or close and are perfect for those who like to walk with their hands in their pockets or have their phone close by.

They also have a full elastic waist with an additional drawstring in case you want to tie them up a little tighter and you can get them in Capri leg height or a full leg.  Sizing is reported to be on the small size so make sure to consult the chart before ordering.

Each pair of pants comes with a cuff that has been stitched on both seam sides but can be unstitched if you need a slightly longer cut to your pants.

What we liked

  • Casual and comfortable
  • Pockets are functional
  • Many colors available
  • Ankle length Capri styles available

What we didn’t like

  • Sizing runs small and can be difficult to figure out correctly
  • Sizing also seems a little inconsistent
  • Lighter colors are slightly see-through

A light casual pant that is good for any types of casual activities such as vacation, beach, lounging at the pool or just walks in the park.

Gooket Women's Elastic Waist Casual Relaxed Fit Capris Drawstring Pants
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Levi’s Women’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans

Levi’s have made their name synonymous with jeans and while the 501s are pretty much a household name, the 721s are some of the best women’s pants for hot weather.

The 721 High Rise Skinny Jean is made of a blend of cotton, polyester, viscose, and elastane so that they have that jean like feel and look to them but have a decent amount of stretch and breathability for hot weather.

Adorned with a standard 5 pocket styling, you get 2 functional pockets on the front, 2 on the back and a smaller pocket watch pocket on the right side. A zippered fly with a single button at the top also gives a very classic look for the jeans.

The waist of the jeans sits a little higher and helps to add a slimming look to the overall appearance.

What we liked

  • Traditional looking jeans
  • Light jean material helps keep cool

What we didn’t like

  • Skinny jeans can be hard to size especially once you get into larger sizes
Levi's Women's 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans
$30.98 - $89.50
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06/21/2021 05:16 am GMT

Nothing beats a good pair of jeans, and Levi’s absolutely knows jeans. The 721s are a decent pair of skinny jeans to keep you looking good on those hot days!

We hope you liked our list of favorite pants for hot weather. Whatever your destination is another country or just around the block, we hope these choices will help keep you cool and fashionable wherever you go