Our 7 Favorite Travel Neck Wallets to Protect Your Valuables

travel neck wallets
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When you’re exploring abroad (or heck, even domestically), one of the best ways to maintain peace of mind is a travel neck wallet. I would have loved to have this simple item during some of my earlier adventures as it can get pretty intimidating traveling solo as a woman.

The unfortunate reality is that travelers are a target in some cities and while a neck wallet won’t provide 100% protection, it does help keep your most important valuables safe and out of site.  Also, if you use an RFID lining, electronics won’t be able to scan your information non-consensually which is an ever-growing risk in the digital age.

Best Travel Neck Wallets

Lewis N. Clark RFID Neck Stash

I love this neck pouch because it combines fashion with versatility. It’s available in five colors, which means that it’ll match any outfit or aesthetic. Each of the colors is refined and muted. This comfortable stash comes with four separate compartments, including an ID window. I’d have loved to have this the last time I flew!

The strap is adjustable for increased convenience. You can hang the pouch around your neck like a necklace, allow it to hang lower like a purse, or even hide it underneath your shirt. It’s the perfect place to stash your important accessories. No more digging through an overcrowded purse trying to figure out where your identification is!

Best for: Those handling multiple currencies

Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet, Travel Pouch + Passport Holder
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09/22/2021 09:45 am GMT

Venture 4th Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking

I’m in love with the flat and simply-organized design of this neck pouch. It’s another one available in five colors. Unlike the previous entry of neutrals and grays, you can pick this pouch up in a purpose, pink, or red. The black is sleekly professional and guaranteed to match any outfit.

This pouch is meant to store your passport, identification, credit cards, and valuable items. The wallet has been lined with frequency shielding material. This blocks technology from non-consensually scanning your items, so you know that your personal information is always safe from electronic thieves. Featured in the wallet are three storage compartments that organize your valuables and documentation. Two of these are zippered pockets, along with one Velcro-closure patch and an ID window for easy boarding identification.

Best for: Those concerned about personal info security

Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking – Passport Holder
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09/22/2021 03:47 pm GMT

Peak Neck Wallet

Hide your valuables and personal information using this well-organized neck wallet. It comes in both beige and black, ensuring it’ll match any travel outfit. The design is meant to be comfortable. I love the strap, which is softer than traditional lanyards, perfect when you need to wear the wallet for a while. There’s also moisture-wick backing, keeping you from sweating when the wallet rests against your skin.

The organizer is meant to fit multiple US passports, so if you have travel companions, you can keep all of their personal information safe. The RFID liner blocks scanners from picking up personal information, so you’re safe from electronic theft. The company also offers insurance against theft, along with lost and found tags in case you misplace your information.

Best for: Those seeking a modern look

RFID Neck Wallet - The Original Travel Pouch with Adjustable Crossbody Strap
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09/22/2021 02:44 pm GMT

Art of Travel Neck Wallet

Another convenient wallet with RFID lining technology to keep your personal information safe! I’m especially a fan of this one because of the funky and fun prints that each wallet comes with. It’s great for traveling with the family or friends. Each of the prints focuses on one particular country, so it’s ideal if you’re going on any international adventures. The original designer artwork complements any outfit, whether you’re wearing muted tones or bold patterns.

One feature I’m a big fan of is the clear pocket for your smartphone. You don’t need to remove your phone from the pocket to use it. Instead, you can easily text and check your emails while ensuring you don’t forget or misplace your phone. Five extra-roomy pockets let you fit envelopes, larger currencies, and heavier valuables.

Best for: Those who don’t settle for bland colors

Art of Travel by ARTOVIDA - RFID Safe Hidden Travel Passport Neck Wallet Cross-body Purse
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09/22/2021 07:03 am GMT

Liangdongshop Passport Holder

Eight solid colors are available for this RFID-lined neck wallet, ensuring you can find a style that complements your personal aesthetic. The construction includes water-resistant and lightweight nylon. Both the strap and the wallet are soft against your skin, so you can wear the wallet over or underneath your shirt. There’s also breathable mesh on the back, perfect for warm climates where you find yourself sweating.

Don’t let the simple outside fool you: this wallet has a whopping 18 size compartments! It’s easy to organize and store all of your personal belongings, from your passport to your credit cards and heavy valuables. It will also hold basic first aid supplies and your cell phone.

Best for: Those who want other ways to wear a neck wallet

Passport Holder 3 Way With 18 Compartments & Carabiner RFID Blocking Travel Wallet
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Fintie Passport Holder

I’m a huge fan of the design of this RFID-blocking pouch. It’s available in solid black and rose gold, but there are also funkier patterns for people who like brighter pops of color. The water-resistant construction ensures that your important documents and items will be safe no matter what weather you’re experiencing.

As for pockets, you have four options that can hold a number of items. One pocket is the perfect size for your cell phone, while others are made for cash, credit cards, coins, and your passport. Because of the compact size, this wallet will only hold one passport rather than multiple. There is an adjustable strap, allowing you to carry it comfortably in multiple different areas. Also included is a zipper and velcro closure, so you can easily access your information at the airport.

Best for: Those who prefer leather accessories

Fintie Passport Holder Neck Pouch [RFID Blocking] Premium PU Leather Travel Wallet
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09/21/2021 07:20 pm GMT

AmazonBasics Neck Stash

This basic wallet from Amazon comes in khaki and black coloring. The RFID material continues to protect you against unnecessary and unwarranted scans. As for storage space, you have several different compartments to maximize your organization. The outside of the wallet has a plastic ID window, so you can easily show your ID at the airport.

I love the nylon construction of this wallet because the breathable fabric will help you in both rainy and hot weather. There’s also an adjustable neck strap that includes an easy fastener. Use this for maximum comfort while you’re traveling. You can wear this wallet under your clothes or outside of them.

Best for: Budget travelers

Amazon Basics RFID Travel Neck Passport Holder Wallet
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09/22/2021 06:02 pm GMT

The Final Word on Travel Neck Wallets

I’ll admit it – the first time I saw a neck wallet “sexy” was the last word that came to my mind.  Yes, they can be bulky, hard to wear with certain outfits, and even unsightly when used incorrectly.  Still, there is nothing more practical when it comes to protecting your valuables and when you find one that works for you they are easy to access and even look decent.

Here’s to keeping your things safe while still looking good!