Our 8 Favorite Convertible Backpack Purses

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I got to a point where, when traveling, I stopped wearing shoulder bags altogether. This was clearly before convertible backpack purses had even crossed my radar. After spending days walking around cities being a tourist, my shoulder would ache from wearing my meager 2-pound purse. Even after taking as many things out of my purse as possible (leaving only the essentials like my money, sunscreen, camera, phone, and sweater), I’d still feel like I was carrying the weight on my shoulder. Beauty is pain thought, amirite?

Not anymore.

With the convertible backpack purse, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. I love the convertible backpack purse because I can wear it as a backpack during the majority of my day and travels, then wear it over my shoulder when going out to dinner or drinks. The backpack style is cute and trendy for daytime, then can convert to a more classic and mature shoulder bag for night. If you are planning a trip in the near future, the convertible backpack purse is the way to go. I’ve put together some of my personal favorites of the convertible backpack purses, with a few different options depending on what specifics you are looking for in terms of size or color. I hope you enjoy this list as well as you comfortable travels! Get your travel on, girl!

The Leather Convertible Backpack Purse

Let’s face it – not everyone traveling wants to wear elephant pants and fringed cross-body bags. Assuming you aren’t traveling in wet, humid Southeast Asia, you can rock a more sophisticated travel look with the leather backpack purse that screams classic travel chic. We think a leather convertible backpack purse is the perfect way to travel chic but also practical. Read on to see our favorite leather convertible backpack purses for everyday living as well as for travel!

Leather Backpack to Regular Purse

The leather backpack to regular purse is great because you get the best of both worlds. A leather backpack for maximum comfort as well as a regular shoulder purse that you can take with you into restaurants and cafes. Dasein and and Banuce make our list of the best convertible backpack purses for the category “Leather Backpack to Regular Purse.” Check out why these brands are top-knotch!

Dasein Leather Convertible Drawstring Bag & Backpack

We love the Dasein leather backpack/regular purse because it offers the roominess of a backpack but also a cute bag option for going out with its various color options to choose from! This bag comes with lots of pockets to help organize your things including an interior zip divider, interior zip pockets, top pouch pockets, and an exterior back wall zipper pocket. When you’re an on-the-go gal, you certainly can recognize the beauty of well-placed and plentiful pockets and means for storage in any purse or backpack. 

We love the attention to detail on this convertible backpack purse because it offers great design with its gold-tone hardware and top drawstring as well as top magnetic snap closure. You can also feel good about this purchase because it’s made of high-quality vegan leather and no animals were harmed in the production of this convertible backpack purse! This bag should be on your travel checklist if you are looking for a durable bag at an affordable price!

Dasein Fashion Leather Convertible Drawstring Bucket Bag and Backpack - Brown
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Banuce Italian Leather Convertible Backpack/Shoulder Bag

The Banuce leather convertible backpack purse/shoulder bag comes at a higher price than Dasein, but the Banuce Italian leather backpack/regular purse is just too gorgeous to not make our list! Great quality (I mean, it’s Italian leather!) means this bag should remain beautiful and intact during all of your precious travel moments. Keep in mind, if you have trouble traveling light, that this bag is very compact.

This can be a good thing if it encourages you to travel a bit lighter, as you really can only fit your cell phone, a wallet,  an ipad, and maybe a few mens and chapstick. In terms of availability of pockets, there is one wallet pocket, one zipper divider, one front pocket with a snap closure, and 1 back pocket zipper. For tiny, loose items, you will definitely have enough pockets to store and organize these items. If you are an experienced travel and are looking for quality and chic travel, this is going to be the best covertible backpack purse / shoulder bag for you.

Banuce Fashion Italian Leather Convertible Backpack Purse
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Leather Backpack to Crossbody Bag

At the end of the day, some of us just don’t want to mess with the discomfort of a shoulder bag. The backpack to cross-body bag is the most comfortable multi-use bag you can opt for. Cross body is a classic style and screams “no-fuss” traveler. It also frees up your shoulder, allowing for more movement and daily function. 

The SAK Ventura Convertible Backpack Purse

The SAK Ventura Convertible Backpack
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I love The SAK and know I’m always getting quality with purchasing one of their bags. The SAK convertible backpack to cross body bag is ideal for those who do not want the shoulder bag option. Their solid color options may be best for those who are looking for a classic look, but they also offer a couple more patterned options for those looking to spice up their wardrobe! The SAK Ventura backpack purse is made 100% of high quality leather and is extremely functional for travel. Its foldover flap with tassles gives it a bit of a bohemian look while the leather offers an air of classic chic.

As far as storage goes, the Sak Ventura bag comes with an interior zipper for loose, personal items as well as an outer front pocket and outer zipper pocket.  Converting the SAK convertible backpack to its messenger bag form is quite simple and effortless. Its large enough to take your basic items as such as wallet, phone, small water bottle, but also has enough space to pack slightly larger, optional items such as an ipad, travel umbrella, and even cosmetic bag.

The SAK Ventura packpack purse is perfect for you if you still want a convertible backpack purse that is large enough to travel with more than just your barebone items. 

The SAK Ventura Convertible Backpack
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Tote to Backpack

The totepack is best for travelers who don’t like to travel with just the bare necessities. If you plan on hitting the beach, you can have the space to throw in your swimsuit, a book, and maybe even a small towel! If it looks like it may rain, you can afford the luxury of tossing in your raincoat.. Just in case. The tote to backpack is proof that you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to cute, compact travel without having to sacrifice on what you can bring with you.

Fjallraven – Totepack No.1

I love traveling with totes because you don’t feel limited to what you can carry with you. Totes are great for traveling with heavier items or larger-sized things like sweaters or your DSLR camera. My favorite part about this bag is that it folds flat and takes up minimal space when it’s empty.

The Fjallraven totepack is made from their own G-1000 durable polyester, with double layers for extra durability and waterproofing! In terms of bag design, this convertible backpack tote zips open and features a small interior zippered pocket where you can store loose items for safekeeping such as your keys or phone. On the exterior, you will also find another zippered pocket, slightly larger than the interior zippered pocket Its long shoulder straps make it easy to throw over your shoulders or for quick conversion to a backpack style while also featuring a leather handle should you choose to carry this bag with your hands.  This bag is a great buy if you are looking for a durable, waterproof bag that is both functional as well as roomy enough to fit extra items for special trips or events!

Fjallraven, Totepack No. 1 Backpack for Everyday Use
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The All-In-One Convertible Backpack

Can’t decide between a shoulder bag, cross body bag, or backpack? Why not have all of them in one! Seasoned or long-term travelers can enjoy having multiple options for different looks.

Sakroots Convertible Backpack

Sakroots is one of my favorite travel brands. It comes with high-quality canvas, fun designs and prints, as well as full functionality! The Sakroots convertible backpack purse can be used as a shoulder bag for day-to-day, a crossbody for concerts or events, and a backpack for everything else! With Sakroots, you can do all three!

The Sakroots convertible backpack is durable and features great storage options including an interior slip, interior zipper, exterior zipper, ID windows, and card slots. It’s pretty roomy and has been confirmed flexible and large enough to fit an entire bike helmet! The Sakroots convertible backpack purse is a perfect budget-friendly alternative to some of the pricier convertible backpack purses that doesn’t sacrifice on quality for the price. If you are looking for a super functional convertible backpack purse, then we’d recommend opting in for the all-in-one Sakroots Convertible Backpack!

The SAK Ventura Convertible Backpack
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Mini Convertible Backpack Purse

Mini backpack purses are just downright cute. For those of us who don’t like to travel with handbags or wristlets, the mini backpack purse is the optimal solution and is a perfect addition to a jaunt around the city!

Dasein Mini Faux Leather Convertible Backpack Purse

Dasein makes it super simple to convert this shoulder sling bag into a backpack. Simply zip the straps for a sling and unzip for a traditional backpack! This mini convertible backpack purse is practical, with 1 decent size main compartment that can easily fit your wallet, a book, your sunglasses, and phone. 3 additional zip pockets on the sides make for simpler organization and protection against theft, meaning you can carry on with your adventures worry-free. One user actually brought this bag to Barcelona, aka the pick-pocket capital of the world and had nothing stolen in her 7 days exploring “los calles” of Barcelona. 

The material of this Dasein mini convertible backpack is high-quality soft faux pebbled leather, meaning it has more of a matte finish and course texture. Its design is super sleek, with delicate craftmanship with gold-tone hardware to complement its variety of gorgeous colors. 

This is the ultimate no-fuss mini convertible backpack purse on our list due to its ease of converting between styles.

Dasein Women Lightweight Crossbody Bag
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The Little Black Convertible Backpack Purse

Every woman should have a little black dress in their closet that can fit any occasion. Why not have the same for a purse? Our two favorite “little black” convertible backpack purses are from SiMYEER and Realer. Your biggest struggle with these options is choosing between them!

SiMYEER Leather Convertible Backpack Purse

This is a fantastic convertible backpack purse with a classic design and quality material. The straps make for a quick conversion to a backpack and is one of the best designs I have seen for convertible bags. This simplistic design comes with a front button closure with a front flap to ensure additional safety from theft. 

The material of SiMYEER’s leather convertible backpack purse is called pu leather, which is another name for artificial leather. All animal lovers can rejoice that they are investing in a backpack purse that doesn’t involve the harm to any animals. You also can rejoice that this pu leather bag is waterproof, so you can go dance in the rain if you’re out wandering the streets in Paris or London! 

In terms of storage and design, there is a top zipper closure, one back pocket, 1 large interlayered zippered pocket, two open pockets, and 1 large main compartment. There are certainly enough pockets and compartments to make keeping track of your things easy and convenient. 

Given the affordable prices of the SiMYEER women’s leather backpack purses, you’ll want to make sure you have this bag in every color!

SiMYEER Women's Pu Leather Backpack Purse
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Realer Leather Backpack Convertible Shoulder Bag

This bag functions as the ultimate convertible backpack purse, as it can function as a stylish backpack, top handle handbag, or shoulder bag.  Realer’s convertible backpack shoulder bag is made of high quality split leather and is pretty roomy and can hold your books, sunglasses, makeup, etc. If you find there is not enough space, you can also open the hidden snap button, making even more space for your belongings. Pockets make for easy access to your smaller accessories such as your phone or money. You can feel safe and secure with this bag, as there is a zipper to close the main compartment as well as its double-barrier of a front flap clasped on top!

Quite similar to SiMYEER’s little black convertible backpack purse, Realer offers a delicate, minimalistic design with metal closures for its top flap and the luxurious feeling of leather.

Wherever your travels lead you, may you pursue them in comfort and style with one (or two, or three) of these amazing convertible backpacks purses! Got love for these bags? Let us know by commenting below.

Realer Leather Backpacks Purses Convertible Shoulder Bag
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